Delivering Freshest, Best Tasting Breads and Rolls Daily

Calise Bakery’s products are the fastest growing branded bread and roll SKUs in the Northeast retail market. We maintain this reputation by providing our retail and deli customers with traditional Italian style bakery products that can be delivered fresh to their stores. While delivering a small, hometown bakery taste to our customers, we’re proud to say that Calise is the only regional bakery to rank nationally in the Top 10 US Rolls Sales category.

Along with our branded products, we offer private label programs as well as products for prepared foods and in-store bakery programsWith our vast distribution network and over 80 delivery routes, Calise Bakery offers retailers from Maine to Virginia the opportunity to give their customers a brand with the look, feel, and taste of a hometown Italian bakery.

Specialty Bread and Rolls

Whether in front of the deli or in the bread aisle, Calise Bakery helps our retailers expand their bread and roll categories while achieving exceptional margins and profitability. Our bread and rolls act as the perfect complement to deli sandwiches and salads, and are the preferred choice for customers across the Northeast. Customers seek out Calise Bakery on their grocery shopping trips, and their loyalty has firmly established our products as the best selling brand on the deli ledge.

Fresh Products for All Purposes

We strive to provide our retailers and their customers with the best experience through our products, which is why we offer a variety of baked goods, par-baked products, and fresh dough. Whether it’s buns and rolls for deli sandwiches or dough to be used for pizzas or calzones, we provide a variety of options to our retailers so they can provide their customers with the ingredients needed to create great meals.

Our Retail Offerings


Prepared Foods

We offer a variety of freshly-baked rolls and breads for your in-store deli sandwich program, including fully baked and par-baked options.


In-Store Bakery

Along with our branded products, we also offer our products in plain packaging to compliment our retailer’s in-store bakery programs.


Private Label and Store Brand

We work with both small and large retailers and bakeries to develop a high-quality selection of private label and store brand products for their stores.

Calise Hot Dog Rolls

Calise Branded Products

Our selection of branded products is sought-out by customers and makes the perfect addition to your deli and bread aisles.


Dairy and Refrigerated Section

Our 1lb package of fresh dough can be found in many retailers around the area and is perfect for making pizza, bread, calzones, etc.

Restaurant and Food Service

Calise Bakery provides the freshest and best-tasting breads and rolls to thousands of customers across the Northeast. Throughout our history, we’ve recognized and served the changing tastes of our customers by adding several excellent wheat and brioche style options to our product offerings.