Calise Scala Bread
Private Label

Store brand or your brand. Calise Bakery offers a quality line up.

Over the years, Calise has worked with many retailers to develop a high quality selection of private label or proprietary label products for their stores. We have also worked with other bakeries to co-pack items produced to their specifications and developed new products to be sold under their brand. Our bakery is large enough to accommodate large retailers or bakeries yet nimble enough for small retailers as well.

If you are looking for a high quality sandwich roll or specialty bread under your brand, Calise will work with you from product design through packaging and merchandising until you are 100% satisfied with your private label, proprietary brand or co-pack items. Our food safety credentials also make us one of the premier specialty bakers for private label.

What makes Calise so special?

The answer is quite simple: The "Calise Way". It is about producing products of very high quality in a safe and clean work environment at competitive prices with excellent customer service.