In-Store Bakery

Saving Time and Money

Calise Bakery can help you get back to running your store by providing the freshest, best tasting goods for your in-store bakery program. We bake, prepare, and deliver our quality breads and rolls in plain packaging right to your door. You can trust Calise’s quality and freshness and feel confident that our products will make the perfect addition to your bakery.

Serving Your Customers' Needs

Using only the freshest ingredients and keeping a pulse on customers’ ever-changing needs allows us to provide our retail and grocery clients with the baked goods that are sure to satisfy. Calise Bakery has the ability to accommodate the specific needs of your customers through our wide range of products and prompt delivery schedule. Reach out to us today to discuss how we can assist you in bringing your bread and roll selection to the next level!

Fresh Baked Excellence

We offer a wide selection of products to assist with your in-store bakery program. With over 140 varieties of breads and rolls to choose from, we will deliver your products fresh and on time so you can focus on your business.

Get In Touch!

Want more information about our products or looking to add Calise Bakery to your retail or food service selection? The Calise Bakery team is here to field all of your inquiries!

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