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Made with delicious, premium ingredients, our fresh baked rolls make a delicious foundation for any sandwich. From a quick lunch to backyard BBQs, Calise rolls will elevate any dining experience.

Family Favorites: Bulkie Roll, Sourdough Bulkie Roll, Onion Bulkie Roll, Potato Bulkie Roll, Whole Wheat Bulkie Roll, Potato Deli Roll, Italian Roll, Sub Roll, Split Top Sub Roll, Hamburger Roll, Hot Dog Roll, Torpedo Roll


Crafted using only the freshest, premium ingredients, Calise bread is ideal for your favorite sandwiches or as a delicious addition to the family dinner table.

Family Favorites: Italian Round Bread, Italian Bread, Golden Flax Scala Bread, Sourdough Italian Round Bread, Seedless Rye Bread, Marble Rye Bread

Traditional Dough

Get creative at home! Our fresh dough is perfect for baking your own pizza, calzones, bread and rolls.