Calise Italian Round

Calise Brand - the fastest growing branded bread & roll products in the Northeast.

Calise brand products are the fastest growing branded bread and roll SKU’s in the Northeast retail market. The Calise 6 pack Bulkie roll is the top selling branded deli roll on store shelves from Maine to Virginia.

How does a medium size bakery from Lincoln, Rhode Island achieve such lofty sales status in such a competitive marketplace? The answer is clear–by consistently distributing quality fresh bread and rolls with excellent customer service.

The Calise brand has revolutionized the deli roll section by offering the variety of rolls that deli customers prefer to use for their deli meat and salad sandwiches. The Calise brand is delivered fresh to retailers 5 days per week. It is also the fastest selling brand on the deli ledge, insuring that customers are always purchasing a fresh sandwich roll.

In the bread aisle, retailers continue to see the benefit of selling the Calise line of commercial bread and rolls. The Calise brand attracts the customer in search of traditional Italian style bread and rolls. That customer keeps coming back for more as they experience the quality and freshness that Calise offers. With its vast distribution network, Calise offers retailers throughout the Northeast the opportunity to give its customers an Italian brand with the look and feel of a small, hometown Italian bakery.

For your customer that enjoys baking calzones or making pizza at home, we offer Calise fresh dough in a one pound package for retail sale. Our fresh dough is known for its ease of use, great taste and performance. We recommend merchandising in the refrigerated section of the packaged shredded cheese case.

Whether in front of the deli or in the bread aisle, retailers across the Northeast have grown their bread and roll categories while realizing exceptional margins, low shrink, and high profitability by authorizing and merchandising the Calise brand of fresh bread and rolls.